12 November 2014

Tell us about you

Hello there,
Welcome to our blog, a good place to get to know your classmates and schoolmates. You never know, you could have a lot in common with the people sitting next to you, so why don't you post here your PROFILES and find out.
Come on, tell us, we want to know about you. Who are you? What are you up to?
You just need to click on the 'comments' link below and a new window will pop up. Then write your profile and choose a name and follow the instructions to publish your text. If you read your classmates profiles, you can also post messages here about their texts. I hope you'll enjoy it.


Conchi said...

Hi, my name´s Conchi, and I´m fifty one.I´m from Avila but I live in San Martín with my husband and my two children.
I´m office worker. My hobbies are cinema, painting, reading and trekking with my friends every saturday morning.
I´m very happy because I´m studying English finally.
Bye ,see you Monday

SUSANA said...

I´m Susana. I´m 51. I was born in Madrid and now I´m living in Navas del Rey. I´ve been working en SEUR since 1986. SEUR is a transport company. I always go to work by car, it takes me one hour, but a lot of traffic makes me angry.
My alarm goes off at 6:00 a.m., but I don´t usually get up until 7:00 a.m., then I´ve a shower and I leave home at 8:00 a.m.
What I really enjoy is playing mus, a card game, and to go shopping. I´d be happier if I more time and money to spend.
What drive me crazy is travelling. I´m married and my husband and me have been in many parts of Spain, and we have been in Egypt, Italy, France and England too. When we went to Egypt we didn´t like the food, but the landscape drove us crazy. The weather was hotter than in Spain. And when we were in Rome, we got lost in the middle of the city.
I think that the people I´ve met in other foreing countries are sadder and they look bored. People are friendlier in Spain. And the weather in Spain is hotter than in England.
I prefer to eat vegetables than beef. When I go shopping I always have a snak or a sandwich because I haven´t much time.
And finally, I don´t like running at all, but I like very much swimming and I love sun bathing in the summer.

RUTH said...


My name is Ruth. I´m thirty seven and I’m from Madrid but I’m living in San Martin de Valdeiglesias. I’m married and I have one daughter. I’m working for a travel agency. I like to travel and my hobbies are: going to the cinema, sports and going out with my family, so I like fashion. I dislike watching TV; watching reality shows I get angry. So, in the future I want to set up my own business; this is my great dream

Asun said...

Hi mates,

My name is Asun. I´m from Madrid but I live in Pelayos de la Presa since last june so I´m still getting use of driving one hour every day to my job. However, I'm happy living out of the city, in the countryside. I live with my boyfriend and our dog, a naughty golden retriever.
I've studied tourism degree and I work in the State Holidays Programm for Elderly People (IMSERSO).
I especially like running, treking, cooking..but I enjoy any new activity in my life. Some of them stay, I let pass others. Englisg always stay; it´s funny, useful and sometimes discouraging...I´ll try to do my best.