Food for thought

Dear students,
In order to get some extra practice with the vocabulary and your listening skills, you can try to do the following activities:
  • White in the inside, green in the outside... If you can't remember the name for something, you can always try describing it.
  • The shopping list. Doing the shopping has never been so stressful! Fill your trolley before your time is over.
  • Your daily diet. Listen to Todd talking about the food he likes eating. What do you think about his eating habits, are they healthy enough?
  • Watch this video by a famous Spanish chef and his commitment to make Spanish food popular in America. Why don't you try preparing some of his recipes?
Also, as an ideal 'topping' for the unit, why don't you tell us about your favourite dishes and how you like them served? Leave your comments!


Home is where the heart is

Dear all,
As a follow-up to our lesson, you may watch the presentation and then do some or all of the activities below to help you learn and revise vocabulary and expressions to talk about homes, places and furniture . Have fun!

  • Types of homes. Test your vocabulary about different kinds of houses.
  • Furnish your apartment. Now, you might as well imagine you've got a new, though unfurnished, studio flat in London and you've got 1,000 pounds to buy all the furniture. Which items would you pick?
  • Household items. Do this fun activity to revise vocabulary about everyday objects
  • How to get there. Listen to the instructions and get to meet your friend.
After all this practice, why don't you try to describe the place where you live? Insert your text by clicking on the 'comments' link below.


Have a go at poetry

Hi there,
Have a look at this presentation on the uses of conditionals to express wishes and regrets, with special attention to the way poetry and song lyrics display them in several examples. If you had or want to have a go at writing your own poem along the lines of If I had my life to live over... or any of the sample texts in the presentation, you might as well want to share it here with everybody else. Go ahead, speak your mind!


Tell us about you

Hello there,
Welcome to our blog, a good place to get to know your classmates and schoolmates. You never know, you could have a lot in common with the people sitting next to you, so why don't you post here your PROFILES and find out.
Come on, tell us, we want to know about you. Who are you? What are you up to?
You just need to click on the 'comments' link below and a new window will pop up. Then write your profile and choose a name and follow the instructions to publish your text. If you read your classmates profiles, you can also post messages here about their texts. I hope you'll enjoy it.